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Wilson A2000 Dustin Pedroia Baseball Gloves

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Wilson's glove line includes the Dustin Pedroia models DP15. The model for years has been 11.5 inch designed for a smaller hand with smaller finger slots. The web is an I Web and they have made it in A2000 and A2K leather only changing the colors and cosmetics through the years. For the 2018 glove year Dustin changed to a 11.75 pattern and cross web, yet they still make the tranditional DP15 11.5 model.

Every spring training Shigeaki Aso from Wilson visits the players and players can talk to him about baseball gloves. The previous video describes the tradition DP15 glove and how he went to Shigeaki and decided he wanted a bigger glove and different web. Dustin talks about the smaller size for better control and changing his personal preference in webs. A good example of when choosing a glove a lot has to do with personal preference, but still you need a glove that you can control and feel comfortable wearing.