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2019 Anderson Bats Baseball and Softball Slowpitch and Fastpitch

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2019 Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 Youth Rocketech Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 Supernova Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 Nanotech Fastpitch Softball Bat

2019 Widow Maker BBCOR Baseball Bat

2019 Centerfire USA Baseball Bat

2019 Techzilla USA Baseball Bat

2019 Flex Slowpitch Softball Bat

2019 Rocketech Slowpitch Softball Bat

Different Nokona Ball Glove Leathers

Whats your favorite?Banana TanBanana Tan Crunch is a very supple yet sturdy cowhide first developed by Nokona in the 1970’s. For 2014, Nokona is bringing back one of its most recognizable leathers. With the durability demanded of all Nokona gloves, Banana Tan also allows for a quick break-in period.KangarooNokona has perfected the art of combining [...]

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Miken 2018 Border Battle Bats

Miken will be releasing in mid July Border Battle bats. They will have 2 new bats on this program and 2 rerelease bats. Miken we have the Freak USA 14” Supermax ASA bat. They will only be making 1,000 of these and they are numbered.  Model Number MBBF4A ITEM NUMBER UPC NUMBERS Bat Description FOUR PIECE - 100 COMP MBBF4A-3-26 658925039461 Type SLOWPITCH SUPERMAX MBBF4A-3-27 658925039478 Associations ASA MBBF4A-3-28 658925039485       MSRP $329.95 Limited [...]

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Multicolored Baseball Gloves History

Manny Trillo is said to be first baseball player to use a multicolored glove in the late seventies. He colored the back of his tan Wilson first base mitt navy. Tony Gwynn did the same thing in the eighties with his outfield glove. Nowadays the manufacturers make any color combination you want. From the Rawlings color [...]

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Wilson A2000 Baseball Glove of the Month For April

WTA20RB18LEAPR-RightHandThrow This 11.75” custom A2000 1785 features our most popular colorway, combining Black and Blonde Pro Stock leather flawlessly. A Cross Web and new gap welting allows for better stability and control in the pocket. With a clean look, let the plays you make do the talking.11.75 Inch ,1785 pattern, and Open Back At the beginning [...]

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How to choose a baseball glove?

Start by choosing the best leather. Holds it shape over time.Choose pattern, length, and web.What position you play determines size of glove.Customize by choosing color.Shell, lace, web, and binding color.You want a glove that is sturdy and holds it shape over time, but is light weight and comfortable to use. You want a glove you [...]

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Rawlings Horween Leather Baseball Gloves

Some new models of gloves came in stock today. The gloves are made with stiff horween leather that is non oil-treated and takes some breaking in.  Just like the traditional baseball gloves of the past, these gloves should last you a lifetime. The first model was made famous by Omar Visquel and is a 11 [...]

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2019 Louisville Slugger Prime Wood Bats Coming In April

Louisville Slugger MLB PRIME lineup: Patriot, Heritage and High Roller. Patriot Let freedom ring. This beautifully crafted maple C271 features a deep flame handle transitioning to a royal barrel with a hardline gold tape split. Combined with red, white and blue Seamless decals, this model pays homage to the Stars and Stripes like no other bat Heritage Old school [...]

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How to choose between Louisville Slugger and DeMarini Baseball Bats?

Both Louisville Slugger and DeMarini give different options in their line of USA Baseball Bats. Choosing can be difficult decision. Knowing the line and the price differences can help make up your choice.Price and BudgetLouisville Slugger 718 Select $299.95618 Solo $179.95518 Omaha $99.99Vapor $59.95DeMariniZen $349.95Voodoo $249.95Voodoo One $149.95Uprising $99.95Material and One or Two PieceTwo Piece718 [...]

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Wilson A2000 Dustin Pedroia Baseball Gloves

Wilson's glove line includes the Dustin Pedroia models DP15. The model for years has been 11.5 inch designed for a smaller hand with smaller finger slots. The web is an I Web and they have made it in A2000 and A2K leather only changing the colors and cosmetics through the years. For the 2018 glove [...]

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