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Rawlings Horween Leather Baseball Gloves

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Some new models of gloves came in stock today. The gloves are made with stiff horween leather that is non oil-treated and takes some breaking in.  Just like the traditional baseball gloves of the past, these gloves should last you a lifetime. The first model was made famous by Omar Visquel and is a 11 inch second base model. The one-piece web is also becoming more popular among professional infielders. Next is the remake of the PRO200-6 glove with PRO200 pattern and H Web. The PRO200-6 sold out quickly before and is a popular choice for infielders. Next up is the traditional outfield model, the PRO303. The 303 pattern has been around for years and now in horween leather. Finally the PROT with an open back, unlike previous trapeze outfield gloves with a closed back. 


11 inch One Piece Closed Web


11.5 H-Web


12.75 H Web


12.75 Trap-eze Web