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Rawlings Baseball Bats 2018

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Above the Standard

The Rawlings’ lineup of bats pushes the standards of technology and performance to outwork and outshine the competition at the plate. Average isn’t a term we use at Rawlings unless we’re talking about increasing yours at the plate. We want you to step into the box with any of these models ready to crush the next pitch.


The Quatro is a perfect fit for the middle of the order hitter who can handle a longer barrel. This bat offers everything: performance, flex, balance and distance. Our patented hinge system provides focused flex, helping hitters stay through the ball, generating incredible pop. 


The Velo is your top of the lineup hitter, your table setter; equipped with a ton of speed, and great bat control. With a stiffer handle, and the lightest swing weight thanks to our composite end cap, this bat is a constant favorite for those looking to catch up to faster pitch speeds. 


The Rawlings’ utility player: the classic 5150. This single piece alloy design features a huge sweet spot, and a balanced feel. No matter where it hits in the lineup, it brings proven performance time and time again.

BBCOR The designated standard for NCAA and NHFS, BBCOR certified bats are required to stay within the .50 performance standard, as well as adhere to a -3 weight drop and a 2 5/8” big barrel bats. Approved bats are designated with a BBCOR .50 certification sticker on the taper, above the grip.

USSSA Bats sanctioned by USSSA are designed to not exceed the 1.15 BPF performance standards set by the association. The association allows 2 ¾” barrels, and has no restrictions on weight drops. Approved bats receive the USSSA thumb print located on the taper, above the grip.

USA Baseball Effective January 1, 2018, USA Baseball will enforce a wood-like performance standard for all of their participating national member organizations: American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball and AAU Baseball. In addition, the use of 2 5/8” big barrel bats will be permitted at all levels. Big barrel for a bigger hitting surface; bigger is better.