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Why choose a birch wood baseball bat?

Birch combines the best of both worlds, closed grain stiff hardness of maple wood and the lighter weight and turning model variety of Ash. Birch is the fastest growing wood type among elite hitters.

Why choose a maple wood baseball bat?

Maple wood is dense timber for a harder hitting surface. Closed grain wood is less prone to flake like ash and allows for more durability. maple is now the number one wood type among elite hitters.


Why choose a ash wood bat?

Ash wood is strong and light weight. Pound for pound ash is the strongest timber available. Ash tends to flex, giving the hitter a more flexible sweet spot. Ash is available in the widest range of turning models.

What is the best catchers mitt you can buy?

The All-Star CM3000BT and CM3000SBT is the best catchers mitt you can buy and preferred by most professional catchers. For many years now the mitt has been number one to serious catchers because of the great craftsmanship, pattern, and comfort. Top of the line exclusive Japanese tanned steer hide and soft pocket.

Why is Mizuno Pro Limited Gloves so expensive?

Mizuno pro limited gloves use Deguchi kip leather. It has tighter fibers and proprietary tanning that provide perfectly conditioned leather that is stronger than previous Mizuno pros. Also the mizuno pro limited use Shika palm lining, which is an elite deerskin palm lining that provides the ultimate in soft feel. Finally they include the Mizuno off season conditioning program. Send you glove to Mizuno to get your glove into condition in the off season. Mizuno offers a one time repair and recondition of your glove to bring it back to its original glory.